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MIB Coin MIB Coin (MIB)

0.007232 USD (-0.99%)
0.00000070 BTC (-1.54%)

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Cap. Marché
415,442 USD
40 BTC
Volume (24h)
5,868 USD
0.57 BTC
Offre en Circulation
57,442,308 MIB
Offre Totale
334,744,236 MIB
Offre Max
600,000,000 MIB
Chargement données depuis le serveur...

MIB Coin Marchés

# Source Paire Volume (24h) Prix Volume (%) Catégorie Type de frais Mise à jour
1 ProBit Exchange MIB/KRW $2,832 $0.007368 48.26% Spot Percentage Récemment
2 CoinBene MIB/BTC $1,771 $0.007083 30.18% Spot Percentage Récemment
3 ProBit Exchange MIB/USDT $1,265 $0.007136 21.56% Spot Percentage Récemment
4 Coinsuper MIB/ETH $0 $0.005535 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
5 IDCM MIB/BTC $0 $0.039010 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment

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À propos de MIB Coin

MIB stands for Mobile Integrated Blockchain. The blockchain network is built on smartphones. According to the Hong Kong-based team, anyone can participate by clicking on the 'MIB App download' button to start MIB Mining. The Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform reportedly allows users to send and receive MIB, make payments/transactions in a mobile environment. The intention is to obviate the need for costly mining-equipment such as hardware, CPU, GPU, and ASICS. The team aims to prevent the monopolization of the crypto space by specific entities and states by facilitating MIB mining on mobile devices. The team believes that a distributed mobile blockchain system enables a low cost and high-efficient blockchain network.

Statistiques de MIB Coin
Prix de MIB Coin 0.007232 USD
RSI de MIB Coin -92.44%
Rang sur le marché #1142
Cap. Marché 415,442 USD
Volume sur 24 H 5,868 USD
Offre en Circulation 57,442,308 MIB
Offre Totale 334,744,236 MIB
Offre Max 600,000,000 MIB
Le plus haut 0.169636 USD
(06 sept. 2018)
Le plus bas 0.006623 USD
(25 août 2019)
Bas / Haut sur 52 semaines 0.146112 USD /
0.006130 USD
Bas / Haut sur 90 jours 0.014935 USD /
0.006130 USD
Bas / Haut sur 30 jours 0.009510 USD /
0.006553 USD
Bas / Haut sur 7 jours 0.009266 USD /
0.006784 USD
Bas / Haut sur 24 heures 0.007234 USD /
0.006853 USD
Bas / Haut hier 0.007533 USD /
0.007140 USD
Ouverture / Fermeture d'hier 0.007436 USD /
0.007228 USD
Change d'hier $-0.000208 USD (-2.80%)
Volume d'hier $3,333 USD

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