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Cryptomonnaies:  11,120Plateformes d'échange:  391Cap. Marché:  €1,361,992,532,987Vol 24h:  €68,991,187,652Dominance:  BTC: 47.9% ETH: 17.7%Gas ETH:  43 Gwei


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Données des Prix du MEM en Temps Réel

Le prix du Memecoin aujourd'hui est de €0.279728 EUR avec un volume d'échange sur 24 heures de €178,595 EUR. Le Memecoin a diminué de 8.68 % ces dernières 24 heures. Le classement CoinMarketCap le place au rang #3209, avec une capitalisation boursière de indisponible. Les réserves en circulation ne sont pas disponibles et un maximum. jetons en réserve.

Les meilleures plateformes d'échanges pour le trading de Memecoin sont actuellement KuCoin, et . Vous pouvez en trouver davantage sur notre .

What Is Memecoin?

Memecoin is the official token for and the underlying NFT asset layer extension MarbleCards. is a memetic protocol and platform where people can monetize memes via Meme Markets by creating Memetic Asset mTokens.

Memetic Assets are the financial instruments in the form of ERC-20 smart contracts known as “mTokens” that represent any particular meme. These mTokens are purchased, swapped and traded on the platforms Meme Markets. Memecoin can be swapped for any mToken (e.g. mDOG, mPEPE, mWOJAK) via a token bonding curve.

Meme Markets can also be discovered and then created by anyone using Memecoin. With memetic asset creation, platform users can create a market around the next meme trend they perceive is going to flourish.

The NFT layer of MarbleCards launched in January 2019. Memecoin can be used there to create an NFT featuring a center image from URL links across the internet. Once a URL is used in creating a Marble card, it can never be used again. Once owned, a MarbleCard NFT can be curated by the user in a number of ways. These cards can be used in an online Arena and gain yield based on how well they perform.

There are multiple ways to use Memecoin on the platform and earn rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs for supporting the best performing memes and trends.

Who Are the Founders of the Platform?

The team consists of a group of twelve individuals including five developers decentralized across the world. The project was co-founded by Mattias Tyberg and Johan Unger.

Mattias is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience across the blockchain space. In addition to Meme and MarbleCards he specializes in text analytics and predictive analysis.

Unger is a software professional who specializes in Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. Aside from Meme and MarbleCards, he has used his knowledge to establish and grow several startups he co-founded: Qulart, Strossle, and WinR.. Unger has also been a board member at Noted Media for over five years.

In mid- 2018, Unger and Mattias funded and built the MarbleCards project while bootstrapping the funding themselves. In the Spring of 2021 they successfully raised $5 million in funding from investors like Outlier Ventures, Blockhype, Spark Digital Capital, and Morning Star. Whilst bringing in angel investors like the CEO of Altitude Games, Gabby Dixon and the co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal.

With a couple of years to plan the direction of Meme and funding in place, the platform has now expanded and launched.

What Makes The Platform Unique?

This is the first and only Memetic Asset Protocol. creates the ability to quantify all information and their network effects in a trustless way. This is done using several different data streams to rank their Meme Markets, including the NFT layer MarbleCards. (

A new asset class is emerging in blockchain, an open market for and around content where anyone can get exposure to things they believe in.

How Many Memecoins (MEM) Are There in Circulation?

Like most cryptocurrencies, Memecoin tokens have a fixed maximum supply. This is set at exactly 100,000,000 MEM and will never increase beyond this point. Upon launch 2,829,157 were circulating.

Of the total supply, 42.1% of tokens are for the ecosystem rewards, 28.9% were sold, and 29% are to the team, advisors and founders with a three year linear lock.

A detailed breakdown is on our blog.

What is the Target Market for

Meme target market spans a wide variety of interests. Anyone who loves trends, memes, NFTs or DeFi can seemingly find a place that suits them on the platform.

Use Memecoin to build your portfolio and sponsor your favorite memes, take part in grand meme expeditions, explore trends and build meme expertise, or use Memecoin to create digital cards that can earn yield in MarbleCards Arena game.







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Rang sur le marché#3209
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