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Données des Prix du LANDOFDOGES en Temps Réel

Metaverse of Doges The first fully metaverse world made for doges on the BSC. No humans. No cats & 100% completely carefree digital life experience of doges.

Explore - Lose yourself in an amazing & evolving Doge world.

Explore LANDs owned by users and experience incredible scenes and structures. Come experience everything from a space adventure to a medieval dungeon maze to an entire village crafted from the minds of community members. Supply: 2,000,000,000

Create - Test the limits of your imagination

Our world building tools allows you to customize your own doges or you can just digitize your current dog The SDK provides the tools to create scenes, artworks, items… Take part in events or simply create your own to win prizes

Trade - The virtual destination for Doge’s NFTs

Buy and sell DOGE, LAND, ITEMS, and names in the Land of Doges Marketplace.

Game - Endless fun in playing games with your own doges

Games will be developed by the community via our SDK