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Données des Prix du KILLDOGE en Temps Réel

Kill Doge is a full transparency revenge token made for everyone who has ever been scammed by every fucken coin named Doge, including you DOGE COIN and you ELON MUSK. We will show you the tricks and secrets of the industry and how to read between the lines of every scam coin out there. The goal. To be the LAST DOGE ever! BURN: 0% on buys and 5% on sells. Every sell transaction burns 5% of tokens forever and those coins get burned in Hell, thus increasing all of the good people’s coins. Tired of seeing Doge meme coin after Doge meme coin being deployed with the same language used over and over again. It’s time to Kill Doge and Inu and Shiba and Flokie and every other meme name and start something new. CAN WE PLEASE BE ORIGINAL. A bunch of engineers got together to come up with how to Kill Doge - The Last Doge Ever