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Meet the newest member of the Floki community.

Floki is different and far superior to his brothers and sisters before him because

  1. He was built on 2 smart platforms (Bincance Smart Chain and Cardano)

  2. Has more functionality such as NFTs and Staking

  3. Our iteration is just way cuter

Floki Loves ADA is a 100% community driven deflationary Defi token and created by an experienced team built on 3 continents across the planet. Floki Loves ADA’s team and community will help guide it into the hands of influencers and create the next great multi-billion dollar projects for our community, our family and our team.

Distribution and Passive Income 6% of every transaction is distributed to the holders in $ADA proportional to ownership. See how much ADA you’ve earned below with our tracker Marketing and Buyback 3% of every transaction goes towards marketing and repurchasing tokens to bring up value. Burn 1% of every buy/sell is purchased from the open market and then burned leading to a deflationary nature and bringing up everyone’s value. NFT Marketplace

Currently being built to support both Cardano and Binance Smart Chain. This is a community driven NFT DeFi platform, which allows the community to take part in governance issues. We’re building a NFT Minting Dapp to allow digital artwork collectors to mint their works as NFTs and connect them to sellers on the open market.

Our current collection of cute Floki Loves ADA NFTs - see website.