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Données des Prix du DOGOWN en Temps Réel

Dog Owner is the ultimate #MEME token that is community focussed but has the main use case being NFT's and NFT Farming.

We noticed that 99% of all MEME tokens have zero utility that is why we have built into our token our own NFT farm.

Our native token is called $DOGOWN and is currently an asset on the BSC network. We have launched our NFT farm where you can stake $DOGOWN tokens which enables you to earn points that you can then can use to redeem ultra-rare and limited NFT art pieces within our NFT farm.

From inception we guarantee that our project is rugless we have implemented measures to ensure the community is safe at all times these anti rug measures include:

  • Locking of the liquidity
  • Renouncing the contract ownership
  • 49% Token Burn that is sent to a dead wallet that is non-recoverable
  • No MINT function

We will be implementing our DAO/Governance in the near future to enable the HODLERS of $DOGOWN tokens voting rights on proposals that are put forward both from the core team as well as the community.

Together we can build a #MEME based culture that has a defined use case and not just based on a simple character or person.