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Howdy Space Cowboys and welcome to Cowboy Bebop Corgis

Buy and earn bounties with $WOOLONG tokens and get huge rewards in BUSD.

Redistribution Cowboy Bebop Corgi is a community driven BSC token that is a reflection NFT gaming token with 9% bonuses in BUSD. We’ve reimagined the hit TV show Cowboy Bebop into our own fan version that’s not related to the show directly.

Rare NFTs Rare NFTs Collect rare NFTs that can be bought and sold on our marketplace or interchanged with open marketplaces like Opensea

Play-to-Earn Play-to-Earn (P2E) with our first 2 addictive games. Swordfish II Flyer and Ed’s Space Jams

P2E Games P2E on Swordfish Flyer. Highest scores earn WOOLONG which you can use to earn BUSD or buy rare NFTs

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