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Mga Cryptocurrency:  11,102Mga Pagpapalitan:  391Market Cap:  ₱77,836,507,660,06424h Dami:  ₱3,952,225,370,771Dominance:  BTC: 48.1% ETH: 17.5%ETH Gas:  34 Gwei

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172,252,000.00 ATA
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Ang presyo ng Automata Network ngayon ay ₱18.82 PHP na may 24 na oras na trading volume na ₱642,238,563 PHP. Ang Automata Network ay bumaba nang 0.55 sa nakalipas na 24 na oras. Ang kasalukuyang ranking ng CoinMarketCap ay #373, na may market cap na ₱3,242,632,841 PHP. Ito ay may circulating supply na 172,252,000 ATA (na) coin at ang max. supply ay hindi available.

Ang mga nangungunang exchange para sa palitan ng Automata Network ay kasalukuyang Binance, ZT, Pionex, BKEX, at . Makikita mo ang iba pang nakalista sa aming .

Automata Network - A decentralized service protocol providing privacy middleware for Web3 dApps

Project Introduction

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides privacy middleware for dApps across multiple blockchains. It enables versatile use-cases such as Anonymous Voting, Miner Extractable Value (MEV) minimization and No-tracking Indexing by leveraging on the latest cryptography and privacy-preserving algorithms, along with trust computing technologies.

Automata Network is built by the industry’s foremost blockchain veterans and researchers, who previously worked at Zilliqa, LongHash, and the National University of Singapore. Founded in 2019, Automata is a recipient of Web3 Grant (2020), and a participant of the Web 3.0 Bootcamp (2020), Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021), Polkadot Decoded Mainstage speaker (2021). The team’s investors include KR1, Alameda Research, IOSG Ventures, Divergence Capital and Genesis Block Ventures (seed round in February 2021).

ATA is the native utility token of Automata Network and has the following current and planned use cases :

  • Governance: ATA token holders can create and vote on proposals, platform features and network parameters
  • Mining rewards: Compute and storage miners earn ATA tokens by running applications and executing transactions for users on the network
  • Protocol fees: Users pay miners for storage and computation tasks
  • Geode allocation: Users can bond ATA tokens to participate in Geode auctions

Product Description

Automat’s middleware-like solution stack consists of Witness, an anonymous off-chain voting service for governance; Conveyor, a MEV minimization solution for DEXes; as well as Librarian, a do-not-track indexing service for users.

  • Witness: Anonymous Voting Witness is an off-chain voting service for voters who don’t want to reveal their identity and opinion to anonymously participate in the governance of projects. Besides offering support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other Substrate-based EVM-compatible chains, features include:
    • Low-cost — Voting is conducted off-chain so there is no gas cost and a wider range of token holders can participate in governance without being deterred by high gas fees
    • Chainhook — When enabled, it triggers on-chain execution based on the voting results. Chainhook enables secure invocation of the on-chain smart contract registered at proposal creation (A feature coming soon!)
    • Privacy — You can choose different types of votes with different private levels e.g. Public (full disclosure of voter address and number of votes), Medium (only number of votes), and Private (only voting result is published — voter identities and number of votes are not).
    • Modular — Each of these functions can be used as standalones, or together, e.g., if a project wants to use Witness as a signaling tool without on-chain execution, that is also possible.
    • Multi-chain support — It supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other Substrate-based EVM-compatible chains.
  • Conveyor: MEV Minimization Conveyor is a chain-agnostic solution to the MEV issue, and can work seamlessly with DEXes such as Uniswap with zero modifications required. It ingests and outputs transactions in a determined order, thereby creating a front-running-free zone that removes the chaos of transaction reordering. Features include:
    • Gasless trading — User will be able to trade without directly paying the gas fee
    • Anti-front-running — No front-running transactions on the trading pairs that support Conveyor
    • Privacy on ordering — Transaction ordering is not revealed unless it’s determined and unalterable. No one, including the hosting nodes, will know the ordering before it’s decided.
    • Seamless integration — DEXes on multiple platforms can be supported with low integration overhead.

Project Highlights

  • Automata Network aims to be recognized as the go-to privacy service for DeFi and Web3 with its compelling proposition of privacy middleware.
  • Existing solutions have fallen short of expectations by making various tradeoffs in usability to cater to privacy as their core value proposition. Here at Automata, we expect that users will value functionality and ease of use above idealism.
  • Automata privacy-focused solutions are built with the intention of bringing privacy into the native blockchain environment in an intuitive, seamless manner. This means that our solutions require zero modification and integration costs, if any, are negligible.
  • Automata supports a rich range of applications purpose-built for Web3, including Anonymous Voting, MEV Minimization and Do-not-track Indexing. Developers will have better building blocks with open-source code and APIs. Users can transact safely and regain control of their identity. Individuals have more opportunity and choice as Web3 economic activity scales.
  • Automata technical infrastructure is built on computation safe-guarded by hardware such as Intel SGX, along with the industry-first implementation of Oblivious RAM for dApps. This creates a stable foundation for software and our protocol design.
  • Automata is also helmed by an experienced developer team with frequent privacy & security research papers published at top-tier conferences, including USENIX Security, NDSS, RAID, EuroSys, and ICDCS.

ATA Token Distribution

| Launchpool Supply          | 40,000,000 ATA          |
| Initial Circulating Supply | 172,252,000 ATA (17.2%) |
| Total Supply               | 1,000,000,000 ATA       |
| Vesting Period             | -                       |
| Token Type                 | BEP-20 and ERC-20       |

Links Website: Docs: MEV Wiki: Github: Twitter: Telegram: Discord: Medium:



Automata Network



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Automata Network Presyo Ngayon
Presyo ng Automata Network₱18.82
Pagbabago ng presyo24h₱-0.06206
24 na oras na Low / 24 na oras na High
₱18.26 /
Volume ng Pagte-trade24h₱641,989,068.73
Volume / Market Cap0.1981
Dominance sa Market0.00%
Ranggo sa Merkado#373
Market Cap ng Automata Network
Market Cap₱3,241,373,156.76
Fully Diluted Market Cap₱18,817,622,765.32
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₱18.36 /
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₱19.13 /
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Dami Kahapon₱774,456,139.82
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₱18.06 /
30 araw na Low / 30 araw na High
₱17.07 /
90 araw na Low / 90 araw na High
₱17.07 /
52 Linggong Low / 52 Linggong High
₱17.07 /
Jun 07, 2021 (2 months ago)
Jul 20, 2021 (9 days ago)
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Umiikot na Supply172,252,000 ATA
Kabuuang Supply1,000,000,000 ATA
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