Coin-margined Futures ROI Trading Competition - $200,000 in BNB to be Won!

Event Ends
Dec 2
12:00 am

Competition period: 2020/11/17 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2020/12/02 00:00 AM (UTC).

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Promotion A: Refer a friend to trade and receive 15 USD in BNB each

Refer a friend now and you both will receive 15 USD in BNB when your friend trades Coin-margined Futures on Binance for the first time with a cumulative trading volume of 10,000 USD or more during the competition period. A total referral reward pool of 15,000 USD is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no limits to the number of friends you can refer for this promotion.

Promotion B: Top 50 ROIs Performers will win 140k USD in BNB Tokens

All users whose trading volume is above 50,000 USD (including buys and sells) across any coin-margined contracts during the competition period and whose wallet balance is not less than 0.01 BTC equivalent in any tokens, will be ranked based on ROI and awarded based on the following rewards scheme.

Reward Scheme:

1st place: 30,000 USD in BNB tokens

2nd place: 20,000 USD in BNB tokens

3rd place: 10,000 USD in BNB tokens

4th-10th place: equally split 40,000 USD in BNB tokens

11th-50th place: equally split 40,000 USD in BNB tokens

Promotion C: Daily Lucky Draw - 3,000 USD in BNB to Be Won Each Day

From 2020/11/17 00:00 AM(UTC) to 2020/12/02 00:00 AM (UTC), all users with a minimum daily trading volume of 10,000 USD across any coin-margined contracts will be entered into a daily lucky draw to win 300 USD in BNB.

Qualification periods for the daily lucky draws will be from 0:00:00 AM (UTC) to 11:59:59 PM (UTC) on each day of the competition period, for a total of 15 qualification periods, the first of which will begin on 2020/11/17 at 0:00:00 AM (UTC).

  • Qualification for the lucky draw of each period will be displayed on the activity home page.
  • 10 winners will be randomly drawn in each lucky draw period to win 300 USD in BNB each.
  • The winners of each daily lucky draw will be displayed on the activity home page at approximately 2:00 AM (UTC) the following day.