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100,276,157.63 TENFI
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256,000,000 TENFI
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256,000,000 TENFI
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Aug 29, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Jun 09, 2023 (17 hours ago)
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TEN, the Token Enrichment Network, is the next generation of Decentralized Finance, SIMPLIFIED, powered by BNB Chain. TEN leverages innovations brought to market by first generation DeFi projects and integrates emerging technologies to enhance yield optimization in a simple yet efficient manner.

TEN simplifies staking with the most liquid BNB Chain Liquidity Pools available and provides a robust yield earning environment on the market while adapting to daily liquidity needs of different pools. TEN is Decentralized Finance, Simplified!

The DeFi space in general can be very cumbersome and quite confusing to many, especially to those of us that are new to DeFi but not necessarily to cryptocurrencies itself.

In this wild west of the yield farming boom where there are so many out there and unknown as to who and what to trust, TEN is committed to solely aggregate and optimize those farms that we deem to be of the highest caliber for the users of our platform.

TEN aims to simplify this process by creating a seamless and streamlined process in staking your assets to earn a rewardingly high yet modest APY in the simplest and safest manner while ensuring sustainable growth within the TEN platform across multiple farming ecosystems and optimizing returns for maximum yields in a safe, sustainable and robust manner.

TEN was launched to create a truly sustainable, yet beneficial model that would ensure the longevity of the TENFI ecosystem that allows for TEN to adapt and evolve with the DeFi space in general. This allows for high yield opportunities and ensuring that the TENFI ecosystem continues to evolve and adapt. TENFI aims to be a vanguard in decentralized finance.


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