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Sep 22, 2023 (a day ago)
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Acerca de Popcorn

Popcorn is a yield-optimizing protocol with non-custodial asset strategies that simultaneously fund public goods at no additional cost. Deposit your crypto, optimize your yield, and effortlessly create positive global impact.

The second half of 2023 is positioned to be explosive for Popcorn. We anticipate to release 60+ vaults with the aim of offering the most competitive APY’s on your deposits WHILE funding public goods using Vaults for Good that direct yield to Gitcoin’s watching pool.

Now that POP 2.0’s contracts are being pushed to testnet, soon the POP economy will enter its next phase. POP 2.0 aligns incentives across all Popcorn stakeholders and is designed to further optimize the following:

  • Protocol revenue
  • Sweet Vault yield
  • VaultCraft utilization
  • POP liquidity
  • POP velocity

With the introduction of POP 2.0, the flywheel will go into full effect, with 20WETH-80POP Balancer pools not only incentvizing liquidity with call options on POP but also setting the price floor. Users will need to stake their Balancer LP tokens in gauges to vote on which Sweet Vaults receive more call options. That’s right, Popcorn is entering the bribe wars and will be customizing its own bribe market.