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LDXG Datos de Precio en vivo

What Is LondonCoinGold(LDXG)?

LondonCoinGold is a crypto asset that is minted on ERC20 platform now which will be minted on DAG Babble core when the development is done. Babble core is published as open source consensus middleware on Github which we will fund to commercialize. LondonCoinGold(LDXG) is direct replacement for LondonCoin(LDX) which the project started from 2018 to provide flexible transfer of denominations.

LDXG is the payment/utility token that is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions in gold trading and 700,000 SMEs to accept as payment.
  • To provide baseline asset in gold trading with accumulated gold.
  • Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated with DAO to be setup 2Q, 2022.

LDXG tools include:

  • ABM Wallet which is published on Google Play Stores as a beta version. ABM Wallet can transfer cryptos with telephone number and credit card for simple and fast UI.
  • Babble core in development which is the DAG middleware which has been used by other crypto project which has more than $5 billion market cap.

How Many LDXG Coins Are There in Circulation?

LDXG has been minted with 5 billion, however 3.5 billion LDXG is for project development and price stabilization. 1.5 billion LDXG is distributed to major holders who are the founders and initial backers of the project. Expected circulation in short term is 100 million LDXGs.

Who Are the Founders of NEAR Protocol?

Founders include Brian Kim who has extensive esperiences in telecom and high tech industry in the Silicon Valley, as well as Dr. MyongSu Choe who is the expert in D2D systems along with PhD from McGill University.

Advisors include Martin Arrivets who has developed Babble core which is the DAG based consensus middleware with experiences in crypto programming as well as Keith Rabin who is a CEO of KWRInt which is renowned PR firm in NY with MS from Columbia.

Where Can I Buy LondonCoinGold (LDXG)?

LDXG is available for trading on the medium size exchange and is planning to be listed with major exchanges in Korea and USA.