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What makes Little Fish Moon Token Better?

We dislike inflation so we created an ecosystem that can fight it!

What are we creating?

Our own community currency: Little Fish Moon Token Our own community NFT marketplace for content creators Our own community retail marketplace connecting product creators and retail stores with our Fish community Our own token swap: FishSwap Our own community Fish Game App

We are a DeFi Protocol and we have 3 basic functions:

Deflationary Tax: The Deflationary Tax is a Little Fish Moon Token protocol that charges each transaction 10%.

HODLer Rewards: HODLer Rewards are created and distributed to holders whenever a transaction is completed. The HODLer Reward is ½ of the Deflationary Tax (5% of each transaction).

Automatic Liquidity Creator (ALC): The other ½ of the Deflationary Tax (5% of each transaction) is sent to our Automatic Liquidity Creator (ALC) helping our economy by stabilizing our price as we grow.

Initial Budget Allocation:

50% Of Total Supply Burned at Inception 20% Of Tokens Allocated for a Fair Launch Public Sale 15% of Total Supply Allocated for Marketing and Development 10% Of Total Supply Allocated for Airdrop to Support Communities in Need 5% Locked into Liquidity