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Acerca de KAIF Platform

KAIF Platform is an AI-powered DeSoc (decentralized society) platform designed to simplify life, complete missions for world-renowned companies, and monetize users' daily activities.

Unique killer features include KAIF Digital Twin is an AI-powered personal and business assistant and KAIF Digital Passport is a social identity based on non-transferable Soulbound Tokens (SBT).

KAIF Digital Twin is a virtual AI assistant for personal and business use, designed in your own unique avatar. It helps users improve their skills, education, health and career. As a business assistant, Digital Twin helps improve work efficiency and provides quick access to professional knowledge.

KAIF Digital Passport is a digital identity based on non-transferable Soulbound Tokens (SBT), securing and protecting user data for logging into any Web3 environment.

Missions, where members can complete tasks for world-renowned companies in exchange for rewards