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8,028,863,738.38 XDN
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8,074,043,323.16 XDN
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10,000,000,000 XDN
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24 horas 
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Jan 06, 2018 (5 years ago)
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Jun 27, 2014 (9 years ago)
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DigitalNote describes itself as a decentralized Proof-of-Work(bmw512)/Proof-of-Stake(echo512) hybrid blockchain with fast, and encrypted messaging features. The network is reportedly resistant to 51% attacks via its VRX v3.0 technology and it is mobile-ready with lightweight wallet functionality. A masternode network reportedly enhances untraceability and provides incentive for users to secure the network, whilst enabling fast private transactions and P2P messaging that are difficult to trace or censor. Miners and stakers are encouraged to participate via network fee payouts, facilitating consistent block generation and a fast network.

DigitalNote was originally released as "duckNote" by an anonymous individual or group of individuals under the pseudonym "dNote" in 2014. Over the years more advancements were added to the protocol, with each major upgrade rebranding the name of the protocol (first "DarkNote" and then ultimately "DigitalNote"). Much like Bitcoin's "Satoshi Nakamoto", the original founder(s) vanished in 2017, leaving the open source code to be updated by a community team who have since continued development.


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