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CosmicSwap is a yield aggregator and farm running on the Binance Smart Chain and uses PancakeSwap as the primary exchange with a cool new feature that lets you earn COSMIC tokens for staking and providing liquidity. It was designed and developed by a team of 3 people with a plan to create a safe place for farmers and change the way traditional farming is done.

We are entering the yield aggregator and farming space with a unique twist; a multi-stage sustainability and management plan to ensure that our community has access to a long-term solution to yield farming. We have built a perpetual deflationary token that will result in constant price pumps with constant burns. Our farms and pools will be set up with stable-coins and value coins (BTC, ETH, BNB... and others that will be voted on by the community). CosmicSwap is dedicated to conservative farmers who searching for big APYs with few or no impermanent losses (IL).

Transparency is important to us, that's why our team is public. We have also partnered with many well-known and well-respected projects such as Chainlink, HappyCoin and much more to establish and build ourselves a name in the cryptocurrency space.