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Acerca de Corra.Finance

Corra.Finance is a plug-and-play platform that enables the creation of NFT products used in the DeFi market. We aim to gamify existing DeFi products by enhancing their yield through the use of exclusive NFT products sold on The goal is to introduce new revenue streams, enhance user experience, and increase the interaction between users and existing DeFi products.

Corra will enable the monetization of digital content through the creation of NFT. Instead of gaining likes from your photos on Instagram, you can sell them to your fans. Anyone can create NFT products, auction them, and monetize their ideas, words, digital content, products, and much more. Corra strives to push NFT use cases beyond just gaming and digital arts. The platform will introduce four new categories to curate NFT products: DeFi, digital content, social media, and non-profit. Users can create and list products for free without paying gas fees. Only when the users auction out a successful sale will the platform charge a fee, guaranteeing a profit to all NFT creators on Corra.