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BoomCoin is a utility token for the purpose of providing semi anonymously purchase, trade and spend of cryptocurrency across various merchant sites.

BoomCoin BOOMC was born from an idea between a group of friends who wanted the ability to enter the cryptocurrency market and to purchase goods with Crypto currency through merchants quickly and cheaply.

Seeing a niche in the current Cryptocurrency Merchant market BoomCoin was born.

The concept of BoomCoin BOOMC is plain and simple, that is to provide a means in the form of a Coin for people to semi anonymously purchase, trade and spend a cryptocurrency across various merchant sites.

Initially on launch BoomCoin BOOMC will be accepted and used as the pivotal currency on the Flagship Crypto Exchange site BOOMPAY.

The BOOMPAY site will be revolutionary in its operation, utilizing the most up to date payment gateways and crypto exchange mechanisms. Providing Speedy, cheap and secure payment options for all customers, using BoomCoin BOOMC as its principle currency.