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ECTO Τιμή δεδομένων σε πραγματικό χρόνο

LittleGhosts is a play-to-earn mmorpg that is heavily based around cryptocurrency and NFTs. The game is powered by Unity and offers a truly unique 3D experience. Being heavily based around cryptocurrency they take great pride that most of their services are decentralized through smart contracts. This ensures trust in their community that one person does not hold too much power in the LittleGhosts ecosystem.

Another important value that LittleGhosts has is being community oriented. By implementing players feedback through the LittleGhosts DAO they can make sure they are adding updates that players will want. Although the team is effective in making most of the content they want to make sure they take the players suggestions into consideration.

LittleGhosts Ectoplasm was released as a utility token to help power and govern the LittleGhosts ecosystem. By holding a certain amount of tokens, holders can access the LittleGhosts DAO to vote for future propositions. Also, play-to-earn rewards in game are multiplied based on the number of ECTO tokens the player owns. LittleGhosts plan on expanding the utility around the token and future updates are in the works.

LittleGhosts Ectoplasm has a 15% transactional tax that is used to reward holders and guarantee longevity. 8% will be used to reward holders of the token directly in BNB,2% will be used to reward holders of the LittleGhost NFT in BNB, 1% will go to a pool to fund play-to-earn aspects in their game, 1% will go to a staking pool ,and 3% will go to the team for marketing and development purposes.