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Κυκλοφορούσα Προσφορά
2,885,348,769 ISLAMI
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9,364,984,769 ISLAMI
Μέγιστη προσφορά
20,000,000,000 ISLAMI
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May 05, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Apr 11, 2022 (2 years ago)
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ISLAMICOIN is the largest Islamic technology project that utilizes blockchain technology, in addition to media, commercial, financial, entertainment and charitable projects. The project aims to build an Islamic blockchain that helps achieve financial independence for individuals, companies and charitable organizations in the global Islamic community in addition to building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates according to Islamic Sharia in its content and transactions. ISLAMICOIN is a halal cryptocurrency and is the key for growing this project worldwide. ISLAMICOIN was initially launched on Polygon network, with plans to be transferred later to the ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN network upon completion of its development that is utilizing the latest secure and reliable blockchain technologies.

Project Growth Forecast

ISLAMICOIN is expected to have huge growth potential in the coming years with multiple achievements following the successful launching of each project proposed, especially ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN. Moreover, each of ISLAMICOIN projects has broad prospects for growth and global expansion. Investors, whether individuals or companies will be reaping the profits of these projects in the future. It is expected that the value of ISLAMICOIN and its cryptocurrency projects and businesses will reach billions of dollars in the next few years, God willing.

Bait Al-Mal

ISLAMICOIN team has allocated 5% of ISLAMICOIN total supply for Bait Al-Mal to be used for charitable causes. The percentage will be disseminated in a gradual manner that does not affect the price of ISLAMICOIN. The team will put together a voting system in which the ISLAMICOIN holders will be able to participate and vote for the charitably causes Bait Al- Mal will be funding (conditions will be determined later).


ISLAMICOIN has 7 major projects where ISLAMICOIN, the halal cryptocurrency, is the main payment method for in 1- ISLAMeda, 2- ISLAMIwallet, 3- ISLAMIgame, 4- ISLAMImall, 5- ISLAMImetaverse, 6- ISLAMItravel, and 7- ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN.

Some of these future projects will be converted into Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs), that ISLAMICOIN holders can contribute to and benefit from their profits while adhering to a transparent mechanism based on blockchain technology. This will allow each investor to view encrypted calculations and be provided with all the information regarding your investments.