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Dreams Quest is an open-world, action-adventure, role playing mobile game developed by Shakiti Studios, a subsidiary of Dreams Quest. The first game, Origins: The Fall of Azoria is in development scheduled for early access 2024.

Players find themselves in a fantastical world full of color, vibrancy and mystery, only to discover that paradise is quickly deteriorating. They must learn how to control Weka to interact with Organic Matter and Crystals to craft the magical powers they need to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles that stand in their way. Through quests they must resolve an evolving threat to Azoria and the other realms, through exploration, conflict and character development to restore the realms before it's too late.

Dreams Quest is developing a multi-stage game with the first chapter being the opening game that will allow players to experience the immersive game experience, to explore familiar landscapes and biomes, and to seek to understand what has happened to Azoria and what needs to be done to restore it before its too late.

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