PlasmaFinance: Experience DeFi that’s easy, convenient, and safe.

PlasmaFinance, the all-in-one DEX aggregator, does away with the complexity typically associated with DeFi. Learn how it:

3 mins

- Makes it easy to navigate DeFi, giving you all available channels in one place.
- Lets you buy and sell crypto with card or bank account.
- Helps you manage your portfolio and assets safely in a hassle-free environment.
- Gives you transparent, real-time analytics that helps you learn about and assess DeFi projects and opportunities to make the most-informed decisions.

Few who have ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will not have heard of the term “DeFi” or “decentralized finance” the umbrella term to describe the diverse range of products and services that allows individuals to benefit from incredible passive income opportunities using crypto.

Yet DeFi can be complex and confusing to newcomers. As any veteran DeFi trader can attest, it’s a wilderness of multiple networks and platforms, each with their own distinct protocols and methods that require specific maneuvers and complicated steps to tap into that elusive yet rewarding opportunity.

We’re talking about manually handling multiple wallets and assets, drawing up calculations and analyzing separate pieces of information -- all this in an ever-shifting volatile environment where mistakes can be costly.

Because we live and breath DeFi, and we want it to be accessible to all, PlasmaFinance understands these pain points and has built a product that is a direct solution to every issue in the space:

  • Instead of complex asset management due to multiple silos of networks and services, we bring you every DeFi avenue under one roof with convenience and hassle-free automation.
  • We’ve taken care of the legwork to locate the most profitable opportunities, delivering to you transparent, verifiable data and sophisticated metrics in one safe environment.
  • We look for ways to optimize the way you do DeFi, making it easier and cheaper to trade and  interact with different protocols

Let’s take a look at what easy DeFi looks like with PlasmaFinance!

1. All-in-one DEX aggregator

The flagship PlasmaFinance all-in-one DeFi aggregator has its own native decentralized exchange (DEX) called PlasmaSwap but also connects to the most popular DeFi protocols like Uniswap and SushiSwap, with future plans to integrate those from different blockchains like Binance Smart Chain. This allows users the freedom to view, analyze and use from all networks and protocols simultaneously in one clutter-free app. It also prevents you from ever mistakenly accessing fake platforms and scam apps, as PlasmaFinance will only ever connect to the actual DEXs.

2. Buy crypto with card and/or bank account

Because DeFi only works with cryptocurrencies, and most DeFi platforms require you to first buy crypto before using them, most newcomers find that they have to go through the hassle of obtaining their very first crypto assets elsewhere. This means yet another potentially difficult and risky step to buy crypto before even starting to use DeFi.

But PlasmaFinance is your fiat-friendly DeFi entry point, with a fiat on-ramp through our own PlasmaPay integration allowing you to immediately purchase crypto with card or bank account to use in DeFi. It also works the other way around, letting you convert any crypto profits you earn from DeFi back into fiat so you can enjoy your hard-earned gains!

3. Hassle-free asset management and wallet interaction

We have an entire suite of tools to make your portfolio and asset management easier and convenient, so you can see everything in one place and manage all your wallet settings from a single interface. Instead of connecting individual wallets for every DeFi interaction, we have Multiple Wallet Connections. No need to open multiple tabs and connect to multiple networks when you can access and view them all from one place!

Want to separate your portfolios and manage funds on different wallets? Unlike most protocols with single wallet connections, you can connect multiple wallets to PlasmaFinance simultaneously. Using this functionality with our portfolio view gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire DeFi holdings, and lets you watch as many assets and wallets as you want.

In fact, with our built-in wallet interface and universal gas settings, you don’t even need to launch wallet apps every time to set gas fees or send ETH and tokens.

4. Conduct DeFi with assurance with true data and advanced analytics

With thousands of DeFi assets and projects littered across the ecosystem, avoiding outright scams and fake tokens, while separating manipulated data from actual metrics can be a complex task.

PlasmaFinance uses only real-time, decentralized sources of on-chain data (such as smart contract oracles), ensuring data that is current, accurate, and free from manipulation. Say goodbye to fake data, manipulated statistics and bot numbers that you’ll find on centralized data sources.

When you visit our Market page, you get decentralized, objective metrics, with access to over 700 tokens (and growing) and information about their projects. You can even filter your Market data by all kinds of categories:

  • By network, to see all the assets on a blockchain
  • By IDO, to see newly-launched assets
  • By trending, to see all the hottest assets

Each asset listed also comes with its own Token Page giving you all the details you will ever require about the project, along with sophisticated analytics for you to make informed decisions as a trader or investor, and direct links for you to interact with the asset, all in one place.

See a token you like that’s not in your wallet? Add it easily from our dashboard in one click too. It really is that easy with PlasmaFinance.