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MEXC-Kursdaten live

MX Token (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by MEXC based on Ethereum. It is the proof of stake in MEXC communities---holders enjoy the rights to vote in MEXC ecosystem, elect MEXC team members and participate in various community events. The total issuance amount of MX is set to be 1 billion, among which 30 million MX has already been burnt. MEXC has used 100% profit from trading fees each day to buy-back MX from the secondary market and then burn them on the last day of every month since July 1, 2019, till its total supply reaches 100 million. As token of MEXC, MX empowers all community builders and participants, improves MEXC ecosystem and helps MEXC in becoming a leading digital asset trading platform that provides secure, stable and convenience for all users.