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It is irrefutable that football has been the most favorite sport of everyone for nearly 100 years all around the world. It can do wonders by amazingly connecting people into a big community no matter how old they are, where they live, or what their nationality is. In the recent years, there are many football games coming up and arousing much public interest namely FIFA Online 4, PES 2019,.. However, just a few of them applied and utilized the advantages of blockchain into their models. Having this inspiration, our team has come up with FootballCoin, which is an intriguing and thrilling NFT football game on blockchain technology. FootballCoin was launched on December 20, 2021 and the company is based in Vietnam, with the goal of bringing players the most novel experiences about football in particular and sports in general. It is built on Binance Smart Chain which is a most common option for gaming due to its low fee and high speed. Playing this amazing game gives people great chances to transform into skillful players as well as potential managers of their own clubs. To be more specific, the main task of one player is to strive to win as many games as they can in order to increase their experience points and also receive the income from Crypto Token rewards. Moreover, a wide range of items, which can be mentioned as clothes, socks, shoes, are available for users to level up their players. As our team would love to come up with the most practical product as we can, a transfer market is also offered for users to exchange their items and players and also they are allowed to buy stocks, auction clubs and stadiums to optimize their incomes. Our team aims to ensure the most exciting experience for football lovers in this e-sport industry and also continue to enhance the game quality by offering many other sport games that can only be seen on TV or Internet through our sports Metaverse ecosystem. In terms of the gameplay, each player will be divided for different positions including: Striker (ST, RF, LF), Midfielder (CM, CDM, CAM, RM, LM), Defender (CB, RB, LB) , Goalkeeper (GK). Each position will also have different parameters; for example Striker has the following indicators: Finishing, heading, positioning; Midfielders have: Pacing, dribbling, crossing... Each player will have 3 parameters plus fitness parameters (all players must have). As a user, your can choose between participating in Friendly match, PvC (player vs player) or PvP (player vs player) matches to win and receive rewards and experience. This will help to level up, upgrade the stars index and if users gain enough from 4 or more (Level 40), they can buy cards to upgrade to legendary 5 and then join the CLUB to compete in the tournament system as well as PVP