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BongWeedCoin community




Über BongWeedCoin

Healthy community where we all do the puff puff pass, while we EARN, and help spread the message to legalize it to our homies from other countries who are missing out or are in dire need of medical use!

Violation and abuse of human rights on countries where Cannabis are deemed illegal are the main factors that pushes this project forward. Which we as a community will slowly jot out ideas, revamp and improve on our branding and purpose for the next coming days and week and plan out effective actions, including but not limited to;

Pushing and funding content creators to promote safe medical marijuana and possibly recreational use all over the world.

Send out carefully proposed formal educational campaigns for medical marijuana targeted specifically at gov't and healthcare firms all over the world, country per country, city per city.

And lastly, publish several weed cookbooks, weed / accessory shops, our own bong designs and merch.

We at our community are all ears for project ideas and proposals, from marketing to actual execution that should helps us achieve our mission and vision, and of-course those gains!

We are fighting for cannabis legalization around the world. In the meantime our community has grown. We were able to achieve a market cap of 200k in the first 24 hours. The marketing is perfect and the developers are continuously active in Telegram. This project has serious chances to become the next star in the sky. Come to us and let's make history together!