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What Is ADAMoracle (ADAM)?

About to be officially launched towards the end of April 2021, ADAMoracle is the first decentralized oracle built on OKExchain. Providing comprehensive tools and data and a more secure and convenient overall solution for smart contract developers.ADAMoracle is designed to be a bridge linking real-world data and the blockchain world.

ADAMoracle is a full set of oracle machine solutions that decentralizes both the oracle and the data source, at the same time, ADAMoracle will also support cross-chain operations in the future, The "SaaS System" of ADAMoracle,Which adopt the "Dely Chain" concept will give entrepreneurs and developers a secure, decentralized date environment.

Who Are the Founders of ADAMoracle?

Ahmed Ebrahim is ADAMoracle's Founder and CEO ,Ahmed has an in-depth understanding of financial planning, accounting, analytics, and investments. He holds an MBA in International Finance and Investment. He has been awarded by China Development Bank in 2018. And have successfully invested in several blockchain projects.

Christopher Quet is ADAMoracle's CMO, who graduated in International Trading in Lyon University, France, after studying in electronics. Christopher has operated and developed business in over 80 countries throughout his 22 years of experience, developing partnerships, and unique customized solutions. Christopher has a proven ability to adapt to a given market, with a strong sales, marketing, and team management experience, Christopher has successfully established and managed a network of international subsidiaries.

Olga Petrovska is ADAMoracle's COO ,who is originally from Ukraine, where she studied English and Literature at the Uman State Linguistic University. With 2 brothers, falling in IT, Olga decided to take the path of business.After some years of experience working abroad for various international corporations, first in USA and in the United Arab Emirates for the last 8 years, Olga became an expert in blockchain related projects. With a strong believe that technology serves for the better, “blockchain has become the cutting-edge innovation that will lead global major industries into the future era”.

What Makes ADAMoracle Unique?

Structural advantages,

A multiple node deployment method of mixing and matching the master node and the backup node realizes a more fair and just data acquisition and service ecology.

Economic advantages,

A complete economic model equipped with security deposit pledges,servicecommissions, voting governance, voting rewards and other modules, which gives full play to the resource advantages brought by upstream and downstream roles.

Resource advantages,

As ADAMoracle’s key partners and investment institutions,YottaChain is a world-renowned storage public chain, with 21 master nodes, 105 super nodes, and 1,000 ecological nodes. This will provide ADAMoracle with a complete node infrastructure. Once the project is launched, it will have a complete infrastructure architecture that can provide developers with stable and continuous services;

How Many ADAMracle (ADAM) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The total ADAM token supply for sale will be 100,000,000 ADAM. According to the network’s whitepaperToken distribution mechanism, Mining output 50%, Used for liquidity and single currency pledge mining output, of which, the liquidity is 45 million, and the single currency pledge is 5 million. The release is completed in 96 weeks, and the decrease is 10% every four week.

Community governance,14%,It is used for the mining rewards of the main node and the backup node and the payment of the fees for the various proposals initiated by the community.

Presale,16%, There are three rounds,seed round, private placement round, and public placement round.

Community operation, 5%,Used for various community operation activities such as community airdrops.

Market operation, 5%, Used for market cooperation, team operation, etc, and,

Team reservation, 10%.

Where Can You Buy ADAMoracle (ADAM)?

OKExChain Test Network will be launched at the end of April, At the same time, ADAMoracle will launch liquidity mining products.Users can add liquidity to the testnet and obtain ADAM tokens. before that, ADAM will also conduct ICO on well-known platforms, please look forward to it!