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Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia, also known as YGG SEA, is the first subDAO within the Yield Guild Games ecosystem. YGG SEA is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for acquiring and managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in the metaverse, with a mission to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn (P2E) virtual economy focused on Southeast Asia. There are more than 700 million people here in Southeast Asia ready to be onboarded to the metaverse.

In the face of rising NFT costs, YGG SEA provides guild members with high-quality in-game NFT assets and has removed the high upfront costs of entering P2E games. In exchange for their in-game efforts, all YGG guild members can receive an industry leading 70% of their bounty.

YGG SEA’s aim is to broaden access and provide localized support throughout Southeast Asia. As the region is on the precipice of exploding into the metaverse through skill, hard work, and tenacity, YGG SEA wants to ensure that these opportunities remain open to all. YGG SEA plans to serve the scholars in the following capacity.

NFT asset and treasury management — Through our relationship with YGG, YGG SEA has the widest network of P2E games that our Southeast Asia community wants to play. We have access to the best assets for the most in-demand games that our players want or will want once they learn about them.

Incubation and investment — Unlocking new narratives for gamers in Southeast Asia to explore through local mythologies and folklore by investing in regionally developed and titles in regional languages, such as Tagalog, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesian.

Diversification of opportunities — YGG SEA has already secured prime stakes in a catalog of new P2E titles that will appear to all gamer types, so we can support the largest and most inclusive group of games across the region.

Onboarding — By localizing team support for each country, YGG SEA is able to help onboard more players around the world of crypto finance.

Creditworthiness & Mobility — YGG SEA will focus on how it can better represent the needs of the community through local partnerships so online efforts and reputations can form part of their real world financial stability and mobility.