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About xSuter

xSuter is a BEP-20 token supported by Suter Shield, developed based on the Suterusu protocol, is the multi-chain layer-2 privacy transaction infra will charge transaction fees from the network and all the fees will be accrued to the xSuter fee pool for sharing with xSuter token holders.

xSuter is the only way to participate in the Suter Shield service revenue distribution program. You can always be one of the community members who receive a piece of Suter Shield service fee by locking xSuter at the fee distribution events.

Since launched on BSC, within first 2 months, Suter Shield already has over $260m transaction volume in BNB and BUSD and generates over $2.5 million U.S. dollars which is composed of 2,225 BNB, 918,312B USD, 430 Cake, and 15 Bakery tokens. As the Suterusu protocol develops and we will continue to drive adoption of Suter Shield, we will estimate a foreable growth of Suter Shield and in return generating fees continuously for xSuter token holders in future.

Totally 32,000 xSuter, fixed amount, the first distribution of xSuter is 19,000 by Genesis Auction by Suter token via xsuter.suterusu.io, and also there is 1,000 Airdrop to the community. Rest of 12,000 xSuter tokens will be reserved for future auctions driven by the community.

Details of xSuter Genesis Auction https://docs.suterusu.io/products/xsuter

xSuter's first fee distribution event will be held at 27th May 8 PM Singapore time, ending at 28th May 8 PM Singapore time, and the first fee pool will be evenly distributed between xSuter locked in the fee distribution contract.

More info regarding xSuter please check doc center from Suterusu website https://docs.suterusu.io/products/xsuter