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WINALAMBO TOKEN is just what it says, you buy WINALAMBO tokens and Hold to WINALAMBO - Well, BNB equivalent to buy a Lamborghini Huracán EVO (winners to assume BNB/Fiat risks). WINALAMBO is the next evolution in lottery games on the Binance Smart Chain. Everything is recorded on BSC and cannot be fudged with.

5% WINALAMBO POOL -5% WINALAMBO tokens from each transaction are automatically converted into BNBs and go to WINALAMBO POOL until it reaches 265,000 US$ equivalent or approximately 888 BNB. Once WINALAMBO POOL reaches 888 BNBs - a random trigger on BSC WINALAMBO smart contract will automatically select one of the HODLERs with more than 0.2% (20,000 WINLAMBO) to reward the 888 BNBs. And the process continues indefinitely…