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Self-reported circulating supply
2,000,000 UNO
Total supply
1,000,000,000 UNO
Max. supply
2,000,000,000 UNO
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What Is MXBOX protocol (MXBOX)?

MXBOX, based on the BNB smart chain, is an aggregated public interface involving GameFi, NFT, SocialFi and DeFi for Metaverse. The network runs on Proof-of-Space (PoS), a cryptographic technique where users show a legitimate interest in a service by allocating unused hard drive space to solve a challenge presented by a service provider, and PoA (Proof of Activity) consensus mechanism, which aims to ensure that all transactions occurring on the blockchain are genuine.

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of MXBOX.

This open-source project aims to create an entrance to the Metaverse with the physical world + virtual world + digital information highly integrated. It has two types of tokens, MXBOX and UNO. MXBOX token is designed as the governance token to ensure that owners can participate in the governance votes or operation of the network. UNO serves as the utility token that is mainly used for fees for processing transactions, NFTs upgrades and contributing to the architecture of Web 3.0.

How many MXBOX and UNO coins will be in circulation?

What is unique about MXBOX?