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About the Toon Finance ICO

What Is Toon Finance (TFT)?

Toon Finance Protocol is a decentralized exchange application platform designed by a team of market leaders & blockchain developers aiming to fix the externality that surrounds the P2E gaming demand by ensuring a P2E metaverse backed by SHA256 encryption.

We are committed to solving the problem around P2E gaming and delivering a game users can enjoy and P2E while being apart of the blockchain movement.

TFT is the native utility token that is used for: * Used for play to earn gaming in the space grounds. * Used to purchase NFT’s that serve as functional gameplay items. * Used for governance votes to determine the direction of community games being developed.

Toon Finance platform tools include: * Decentralized Exchange & Cross Chain Bridge * Toon Finance NFT trading platform * P2E Metaverse which enables users to utilize their NFT’s in a p2e platform.

How Many Toon Finance Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Toon FInance Protocol launched its mainnet on October 5, 2022 with 1 billion ToonFi tokens created at genesis. 500M TooFi tokens will be sold in the presale, %10 of the total supply will be burned when the presale ends, while 400M ToonFi Tokens will be added to Uniswap & Toon Swap upon adding pairs to the exchange from the presale.

Where Can I Buy Toon Finance Protocol (TFT)?

ToonFi tokens can be purchased from the Toon Finance presale dApp on their main platform found at ToonFi tokens will remain locked until the presale has finished. ToonFi tokens are being staged you can find out more information by visiting

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