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On 7 October 2021, you will launch a long-awaited project idea. It is the Transplant coin. Our marketing strategy is to grow a little slower, but steadily.Our future efforts will be to ensure the sustainability of the Token. The main goal of our Token is to solve the socio-economic need of transplant recipients. After all, their anti-rejection drugs are too expensive, and if they do not have savings, they can easily find themselves in a very difficult situation in this life. With this in mind, the Transplant Coin offers a unique way of sharing responsibility and helping to eliminate this financial burden. Our aim is to use our proceeds to help these people. We know first hand what it's like when someone needs this type of help. Transplant Coin strives to help each and every transplant recipient through various organizations. And in the future, we would like to help independently without 3 parties through our own organization. This will also help patients by increasing their chances of recovery and a lifetime experience in their new life.

The Transplant Coin gives the gift of a lifetime of experience.