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What is Supersonic Finance?

Supersonic Finance aims at developing a decentralized multi-chain exchange platform working together with a multi-chain Launchpad. The vision is to offer a very simple interface for users to convert their crypto assets on-chain and in a decentralized way. In addition, developers can raise funds via the SuperSale and add liquidity for the cryptoassets to the SuperDEX Exchange.

Supersonic Finance (SSN) is the native utility token that is used: * For governance of the products. * For payments. * For fees of processing requests and launching on SuperSale.

What is status of Supersonic Finance?

The Project includes two eras, Kronos & Zeus.

Kronos (Pre-product Era) * Auto Lock Liquidity: On each on-chain transaction, there is a 4 percentage fee, 2 percentage of it is added to the liquidity. *Auto Earn (Redistribution): An incentive for holders as they earn from 2 percentage of the fees collected from transactions on the chain in proportion to their percentage holding of the total supply. Hold and earn.

Zeus (Product Era) SuperDEX: An on chain and multi-chain protocol, which expedites and streamlines the exchange and conversion of digital assets (crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies) with high liquidity. The DEX aims to implement top-notch properties of a typical DEX and these include AMM, high liquidity, high speed, private executions, and trustlessness. As opposed to being a DEX for a single blockchain like Uniswap (for Ethereum), SushiSwap (for Ethereum), PancakeSwap (for Binance Smart Chain), it integrates multiple blockchains (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, for a start).

SuperSale: This is a decentralized token sale platform for ambitious developers to raise funds seamlessly. The launchpad is a liquidity channel for SuperDEX as it also supports multiple blockchains, and this application creates a linked suite of products within the same ecosystem. To a significant extent, the adoption of the launchpad loops back to the growth of the DEX. Upon the completion of each token sale, a swap channel is ready for on-chain trading activities, without the involvement of any third party.

What is the tokenomics of Supersonic Finance?

On 15th of April, the Supersonic Finance project was launched with a hard cap of 500 BNB. The Presale was successful as all tokens were sold off under 4 minutes. The total supply was 1 Quadrillion and the allocation was done this way:

Public Sale: 55% PancakeSwap: 33.75% Private Sale: 1.25% Marketing and Team: 5.6% (4 years locked) Burned: 4.2%

Where can I buy Supersonic Finance Tokens?

Supersonic Finance Tokens are available for trading on a growing number of exchanges with different pairs currently available. Pancakeswap – As of 1st of May 2021, you can trade Supersonic Tokens (SSN) on Pancakeswap with different pairs available on the DEX. HotBit – We have completed arrangements with HotBit to list Supersonic Token (SSN). The token will be available with USDT pair once listed.

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