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SHIBAMETAVERSE aims to become a globalized and decentralized Shiba Metaverse platform for holders in the light of an ever-expanding market. Starting with the release of ShibaMetaverse , and continuing with the release of NFT’s and the Shiba Metaverse in the near future.Our plans will be deployed through a multistepped plan.Beginning with our NFT release coming in the next month, we will use multi level marketing strategies to reach a massive audience and bring them on board with us. METAVERSE The Metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. ShibaMetaverse will build its own metaverse system that allows users to create their own character and enter into a whole new world of Virtual Reality! Holders will be able to interact with other users and virtually explore the Shibaverse, playing along with games and more!