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SharedStake is an easy to use Decentralized Open Source Protocol that allows users to stake any amount of Ether to Ethereum-2 while keeping their staked amount valuable and liquid.

SGT is SharedStake Governance Token with 50% of the total supply allocated to the platform users. This emission is spread across more than 2 years, until the possible Eth2 deployment date.

vEth2 is the liquid representation of staked Ether.

It is expected that users will experience profits with yield farming pools on vEth2, vEth2 Liquidity Pool,SGT and SGT Liquidity pool with more allocated to decentralized finance colloborations.

Main objective of the protocol is improving the user experience, reliability and most importantly the profitability of Eth2 staking process in a decentralized manner.

Future improvements will make it possible to have more scalable and profitable solutions; collaborations with defi protocols, DAO, SIPs and Open Source Contributions.