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DeFi project that provides all features to stake, farm and leverage from the total value locked. But in addition to the base DeFi use case, the platform will provide 2 unique use cases namely LEAF4FUN and LEAF4FUND. LEAF4FUN will be providing a plug-and-play gaming platform with an NFT marketplace connecting with world renown characters. Whereas, LEAF4FUND aims to create Fund tokens to represent investment in real-world Crypto Funds.

We truly believe that investments shouldn’t be boring, but it should yield a handsome return in the process, hence, SEEDER Finance is aiming to deliver that to all Seeders. Users can seed their funds, plant the seeds into different farms, and harvest their earnings in a very easy to use environment.‌

We are a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine, hence, the Seeders are the main beneficiary of this platform