Cryptos:  11,119Exchanges:  391Market Cap:  $1,624,652,059,91324h Vol:  $89,541,059,538Dominance:  BTC: 48.3% ETH: 17.7%ETH Gas:  23 Gwei
Cryptos:  11,119Exchanges:  391Market Cap:  $1,624,652,059,91324h Vol:  $89,541,059,538Dominance:  BTC: 48.3% ETH: 17.7%ETH Gas:  23 Gwei

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What Is Sage Finance Token (SAFT)? Sage Finance is an open-source project launched on the Binance Smart chain and the token is Sage Finance Token (SAFT). Launched on April 1st, 2021 with smart contract 0xD4ED4a27ff7EaE121C487D841e530Cd0dA65c6b5. SageSwap (launching in May) is a Binance-based decentralized exchange protocol. The Binance smartchain does not need any external dependencies to run. Sageswap aims to be a user-friendly exchange with high gas performance, censorship resistance, and zero rent extraction. It is beneficial to traders and works especially well as a module of other smart contracts that need on-chain liquidity assurance. What Makes Sage Finance Unique? The Sage Finance token SAFT is a BEP20 token that originally launched on Binance Smart Chain. The main function of SAFT is to incentivize the liquidity provision to the SageSwap platform. Users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, which is done by depositing Liquidity Provider tokens and locking them up. This is known as farming and is rewarded by the system with SAFT tokens. The tokens can be un-staked with zero holding time. SAFT gives users the opportunity to invest and increase returns in the future but comes with risks. How Many Sage Finance (SAFT) Token Are There in Circulation? There is a maximum supply of 10 million SAFT — but at the time of writing, there was a circulating supply of about 8 milliom. 2 rounds of presale of SAFT tokens were held between April 4, 2021 and April 9, 2021 on DxSale. Approximately 2.5 million SAFT was used as Liquidity on PancakeSwap and locked by DxSale. Meanwhile, approximately 4.5 million SAFT was sold during the presale and additional 1 million was dispersed to airdroppers and for promotions. Last but not least, 350 thousand SAFT was charged by DxSale as platform used for conducting the presale. Overall, no amount of SAFT’s total supply was given to the project’s founders. They all participated in the presale with investors for a fair launch. How Is the Sage Finance Network Secured? SAFT can be securely stored on supported wallets that are connected to the Binance Smartt Chain. These include MetaMask, TrustWallet, TokenPocket and WalletConnect. Where Can You Buy Sage Finance Token (SAFT)? As a new project on the Binance Smart Chain, SAFT can be bought from PancakeSwap PancakeSwap Instructions 1. Download the app, Trust Wallet 2. Purchase BNB or BSC 3. Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, and find PancakeSwap. Iphone users may need to enable the trust browser, then use the browser tab. You can also click the BUY NOW button on our website if you're not on mobile. 4. Click "Select a currency" and enter this contract address into the search field, and you should be able to find Sage Finance Token (SAFT). 0xD4ED4a27ff7EaE121C487D841e530Cd0dA65c6b5 5. Before swapping, click on the cog wheel and set the slippage 6. Now, set the amount you want to purchase and press the swap button. 7. Confirm the transaction.