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$RHT - REWARD HUNTERS TOKEN Reward Hunters Token is a new BNB reflection token with an unique reward mechanism better than Tiki, AstroKitty, HOLD, Ghostface and others, combined with a crazy storyline starring the brave and genuine Venandi.

After facing all of the evils in the big BSC world, ranging from backstabbing rugs, venomous honeypots and unearthly scams, Venandi decided to create his own community to conquer all evils out in the open world. This community was named "Reward Hunters".

Join the community and contribute this RPG story that will pay off rewards. His journey will continue in the last week of July, where he needs the strength of the full community to slay the massive LAUNCH dragon. Until then, we need to keep writing his story, so that he gets stronger and so does his community.