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Reward Cycle is the first token created by a doxed developer for our RC Elite holders. Launched on 10/30/21 by the original holders of a previous token which was increased by 50x.

The Reward Cycle is primarily intended for all of our members and the RC Elite. Reward Cycle offers rewards where you hold and receive one or two utility tokens such as USDT, ADA, XRP, ETH, and others.

The first token of our Reward Cycle will offer 7% USDT rewards to all holders. Reward Cycle is a reward token that works on a Launchpad with an audit service.

Reward Cycle is a Defi protocol on Bscscan network, with automatic rewards and tier systems based on a manual buy-back and burn function.


  1. Presale setup fees
  2. KYC checking fees
  3. Contract Checked vetted by qualified developers
  4. Ads on our Launchpad
  5. Live AMA in our official RC Telegram group

25% of tokens in the next 7 days from presale and the remaining 25% the following week.
As a result, users will receive all of the tokens in two weeks as BCS tokens.

What is special about RC LAUNCHPAD?

The RC Launchpad is a platform giving prospective users access to a launchpad specifically designed to help creators of new projects to distribute their tokens easily with or without vesting period while simultaneously raising capital for them.

The Launchpad will be operative on the Binance Smart Chain and will be used to launch new IDO coins through PancakeSwap, a decentralized liquidity exchange.

KYC and Other Important Measurements

To give more credibility to new tokens launched on the Launchpad, the team has put the necessary machinery in place to vet and check tokens and accept only those from qualified developers.

That is beside the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) checks that will be performed on those tokens before they are listed for presale on their RC BSC Launchpad.

Reward Cycle's Reward

USDT is the reward for Reward Cycle's first token while deliberations are ongoing on the second rewards token that will be chosen through a voting process. To earn more rewards, crypto lovers will be required to hold more of the token.

According to the token's creator, 7% of each buy and sell will be dedicated to holders as USDT reward while a further 4% goes into liquidity.

Another 4% will be diverted into marketing, making a total of 15% for several purposes.


  1. Presale setup fees
  2. KYC checking fees
  3. Contract Checked vetted by qualified developers
  4. Ads on our launchpad
  5. Live AMA in our official RC Telegram group
  6. RC2 Platform discount for ads and promoted spots on the website for project owners who are holding RC1 and RC2

The Tier SYSTEM for RC1:

Tier 1: Size of holding for each degree of participation First-tier holders will receive a 25% discount on all of our services if they own 3 million tokens. Tier 2: 2 Million Tokens in the 2nd Tier entitles you to a 20% discount. Tier 3: To earn a 10% discount on our services, 3rd tier needs half a million dollars.

Half a million RC Tokens is the minimum purchase. There is no maximum purchase limit. RC2 Tier system.

The RC2 will feature a tier system, similar to the RC1, and you will be able to use multiple services. Anyone who wants to use our launchpad must have RC1 tokens to get the discount. Anyone who wishes to utilize our RC2 platform for our services must own both RC1 and RC2 to be eligible for the discounted prices.