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Relative is a decentralized derivatives platform that provides market participants with exposure to the ‘relative’ strength between two assets through the creation of Relative Strength Derivatives (RSDs). RSDs provide participants with the ability to speculate on the difference in performance between two assets, rather than the absolute performance of a single asset. Relative’s unique offering is a suite of products that allow users to speculate on and profit off the relative price action of any two assets, simply by backing their favoured asset to outperform another within a given time frame.

The creation of RSDs unlocks a new paradigm for speculators and can greatly benefit the average market participant:

Agnostic to Market Conditions: Potential for gains in a bearish or negative market environment where assets depreciate in value

Hedging Mechanism: Speculating on the ‘relative value’ of an asset is an effective hedge against an asset’s depreciation in fiat value

Speculate using Fundamentals: Identify and profit off market trends based on fundamental analysis of correlated assets - independent of macroeconomic conditions

Unlock New Opportunities: RSDs greatly expand the ‘trading pairs’ available to speculators through the creation of custom pairs across multiple asset classes

The Relative Token (RLTV) will be integral to the Relative ecosystem:

  • Work Token: RLTV token holders locking the token in a staking contract have the ability to earn 50% of the fees generated from the trading of derivatives built on Relative. Fees are not limited to USDT or RLTV as fees in Relative's multi-chain model can be also collected from the native tokens of other layer-1 applications that RLTV is deployed on.

  • Governance Token: Decisions made towards the economics of the Relative ecosystem as well as the intricacies of the derivatives products are governed by the Relative DAO. This DAO uses the RLTV token as its governance token allowing for token holders to take a stance on proposals made in the ecosystem.