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What Is PW-GOLD (PWG)?

PW-GOLD is the resource used as a bargaining chip for the entire Planet Wars ecosystem and as a means of payment for battle and facility NFT minting.

How Many PWG Coins Are There in Circulation?

PW-GOLD was launched on 16/12/2021 through an ILO, which raised a whopping $ 496k in BUSD, with a number of participants equal to 672. At the close of the ILO a number equal to 2.48M of tokens were locked for 1 Year in the LPs of Pancake Swap, together with the BUSD 2.52M of tokens were burned as they were left over by the ILO.

The preminate of the 25M PW-Gold is therefore divided as follows: - 5.04M burned - 3M locked for 1 year in the LPs of Pancakeswap PW-Gold / BUSD - 6.06M circulating in the possession of users who are not part of the team. - 1M for the LP of PW-Gold / PW-Hydro on Pancake and locked for 1 year - 1 M for the PW-Gold /PW-Iron pool on pancake and locked for 1 year - 8,9M for the Planet Wars treasury wallet, used to make the project grow more and more and divided as follows: - 3.9M available - 2.5M locked for 1 year - 2.5M locked for 2 years

Who Are the Founders of PW-GOLD?

PW-GOLD is the brainchild of developers Gianluca Mazza and Alessandro Ricci, both of whom have extensive experience in blockchain consulting and development.

This project became what is now the Planet Wars and employs 11 staff, including developers with blockchain developing experience.

Planet Wars is a play-to-earn space battle game, based on the Binance Smart Chain and including concepts of NFT, DeFi and gamification. The Planet wars galaxy is made up of 1123 NFT planets. Each of them has unique characteristics that affect game bonuses. The resources present in the Planet Wars universe are three (Gold, Iron and Hydrogen). Each resource has different tokenomics and functionality. Once the universe has been generated and the resources released, players can challenge each other in epic individual and clan space battles, plundering other planets and fortifying their own. Planets, spacecraft and defensive structures are NFT tokens, which are mintable through a drop system on our DApp.

Where Can I Buy PW-GOLD (PWG)?

PW-GOLD is available for trading on Pancake Swap exchange.