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$PUPS is the token for Pudgy Pups Club. Pudgy Puppies are 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs from a list of 252 potential traits. The Pudgy Puppuoes NFT and $PUPS are your membership to gain access to member-only benefits. Meanwhile, we will donate part of the proceeds to animal welfare charities, host spontaneous giveaways, etc.

Pudgy Pups Club($PUPS) is a BSC network token that provides taxes of 5% every transaction in $PUPS. 2% taxes are allocated to marketing to push the token to mainstream with NFTs development whilst the other 3% taxes go into the liquidity pool providing a stable token on the blockchain with a passive income. In the future, Pudgy Pups Club will allow our own NFTs holders to gain a passive income of $PUPS tokens which amplifies utility on the blockchain. We will also invest a portion of the $Pups revenue into our own club party events and game development.

Pudgy Pups Club believes that early supporters of a project should always be incentivised and rewarded for their loyalty. That’s why early supporters can earn $PUPS Tokens along with Pudgy Pups Club NFTs rewards which brings the token and NFTs more utility on the blockchain.