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How was PoorDoge born? Rug pull, Rat trading, Robot, Whale, this is a scam that people often encounter in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto scammers and capitalists are using their own technology and influence to madly deprive the poor of their wealth. Poor people have no advanced education and no investment experience. They cannot identify scams in the crypto market. A group of anonymous people created PoorDoge in order to give the poor a fair investment project. PoorDoge's goal is to eliminate poverty, discrimination, and financial fraud.

What special trading mechanism does PoorDoge have? 1 Continuous USDT income 2 The black hole of the rich 3 People in need help each other 4 A paradise for the poor 5 Consensus of the poor 6 Inspire the poor 7 Beheading For details, please check PoorDoge's white paper: https://www.poordoge.org/docs/white_paper.pdf What are the applications of PoorDoge PoorDoge will continue to launch applications around the needs of the poor, and they will show them on the official website.