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About Piggy Bank Token

Everyone needs a safe place to store their savings.

Problem: Traditional banks offer a negligent APY incentive to the user for storing value, while at the same time generating enormous wealth via the fractional reserve lending programs to line their own pockets.

Solution: Simple APY without greedy financial institutions. Bring power back to the people by creating a fair, decentralized, and open sourced environment where the user can directly benefit from the market activity. Users can now store their tokens inside of their own wallet to manage independently from greedy financial institutions, while effortlessly generating rewards by simply holding their tokens.

Excerpt: Sighting in the financial institutions, the Piggy Bank Token Team is working to balance the scales and bring back the opportunity for users to manage and gain tokens in a decentralized venue. As a multi-billion dollar industry, the financial institutions for too long have been enabled by regulation to profit from hard working men and women, and in turn have paid out very little APY to savings account holders. Piggy Bank is a secure system designed as a safe place to store your $PIGGY tokens, while generating additional $PIGGY tokens by simply holding. Additionally, a HYPER-DEFLATIONARY mechanism will act to reduce the overall available supply to promote token scarcity.

Every swap and transfer on the decentralized network will contribute to the holders as an incentive to hold $PIGGY tokens.


Piggy Banks should be safe. Which is why we took the following measures:

Contract ownership sent to the burn wallet:


100% of all LP tokens BURNED and inaccessible!



  • 100% Fair launch
  • ZERO Developer tokens
  • ZERO Team tokens
  • NO mint function


Total Supply: (1000T $PIGGY) Fair Launch Supply: (761T $PIGGY) Initial Burned Supply: (239T $PIGGY)

Every Swap & Transfer Takes A 15% Fee

  • 5% is added into Liquidity
  • 10% is reflected back to holders
  • Variable% burn via reflection to the burn address