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NotSafeMoon is a deflationary token with an 8% total tax on each transaction of which 2% is burned and 6% is proportionally rewarded to token holders. The total supply is fixed at 1 quadrillion tokens and 140 trillion tokens were burned at launch.

NotSafeMoon's mission is to provide ongoing analysis of the deflationary token marketplace and build a suite of tools for users based around the NotSafeMoon token.

Launched on May 6, 2021 by a team in California, the NotSafeMoon token is the core of our first product: a dashboard that allows users to connect their wallets to view advanced analytics about the BEP-20 tokens they hold and others they may be interested in trading. User's must hold a certain amount of NotSafeMoon to access different levels of advanced features including graphical outputs of key statistics and impending price drop notifications. The price drop notifications are done by by monitoring the other token's liquidity pools.

When the other token's contract has a balance over a certain threshold it initiates a Liquidity Swap and Deposit. Half of the “Add Liquidity” amount is swapped to BNB using the TOKEN-BNB Liquidity Pool. This devalues the token in in a predictable amount. Details of this are explained in our Technical Analysis available here:

The NotSafeMoon contract is a ground-up rewrite of the popular "Moon" contract that many projects have forked from. NotSafeMoon improved this contract by including: - A balanced liquidity pool achieved by contributing NotSafeMoon & its paired token BNB to the liquidity pool. This removes the lopsided liquidity issues found in other tokens that cause regular token devaluations. - Rewards only go to holders, not to the liquidity pool or burn address. - Every transaction send burnt tokens to the burn address for a true ongoing deflationary burn.

The price drop predictions are also being done for a limited number of tokens by the NotSafeMoon Twitter bot here:

NotSafeMoon commits to transparency in all things and has renounced contract ownership, published founder wallet addresses, and revealed the identity of the developer. We have built a grass-roots team of holders who believe in our mission and vision bringing transparency to the token marketplace.