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What is NEO FANTASY? NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi into the gameplay in-depth, creating an ACGN world full of surprises for users who like to explore the Metaverse by ACGN RPG games! NEO FANTASY will allow traditional game players to experience the P2E mode of Web3 games in the form of an independent APP that is closer to traditional games. 

NEO FANTASY is co-created by NEXTYPE and GND STUDIO. NEXTYPE is the world's leading blockchain game integrated distribution platform. GND STUDIO is a blockchain-based gaming, blockchain, and DeFi technology-based studio, and is a global eco-technology development partner of NEXTYPE Foundation.

NEO FANTASY has accumulated large-scale users through cooperation with NEXTYPE and community building. The game will also be connected to Google Play and App Store to achieve player flow from Web2 to Web3, combining the rich playability of traditional games with the economic model of P2E on-chain.

Several crypto-investors have invested in NEO FANTASY. Led by Shima Capital, with participation from NEO, Catchervc, Humble Ventures, MAP Protocol, Lead Wallet, and BitKeep Wallet. Also, NEO FANTASY has partnered and been listed on SafePal, TokenPocket, Lead Wallet, BitKeep Wallet, and more wallets. Meanwhile, the Hero NFT mystery box of NEO FANTASY will be listed on Binance NFT and NFT soon.

What makes NEO FANTASY different? Utility Token: The project makes full use of the blockchain to achieve fair and transparent blockchain asset acquisition and confirmation, allowing players to truly own their own digital assets, while also bringing more value-added services to actual players and fans.

Sustainable Value: The utilities and value of tokens will be maintained through various in-game scenes and external needs. In addition to the growth of in-game characters, NFT transactions and new product launches will increase the utilities and demands of tokens and preserve the intrinsic value of tokens. To reduce and retain users, the system will also promote the demand for resource leasing and mortgage lending.

Liquidity Stratification: The project has carried out different liquidity designs according to different types of user attributes to better promote users and fund retention, and the Tokens will be widely applied in all blockchain games developed based on NEO FANTASY IP and the Metaverse.

Tokenomic of NEO FANTASY NEO FANTASY will implement a multi-tokenomic system consisting of a primary governance token $ERT and an in-game utility token $FTS.     $ERT can only be obtained through the Exchange Hall, Eternal Rock battles, PvP mode in-game Arena, and other in-game systems, which can be claimed and freely circulated. Gameplays such as Hero Star Ascending and Equipment Enhancement need to consume $ERT. $ERT is also the primary circulation resource to exchange more $FTS.

$FTS is the primary utility token resource in the game. Every game behavior of players has the opportunity to trigger $FTS Drop. The collected $FTS can be used in the game or traded at the Exchange Hall to other players.    The dual token interacting mechanism will increase the number of interactive users of NEO FANTASY and increase the liquidity of $ERT, thus forming a strong circular economy.