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Idea to innovation – MUSO Finance was founded in 2021 by likeminded people whom all have a keen interest in music and crypto. With MUSO Finance being the driving force of various projects the team have every intention to be at the forefront of the music industry, offering fair payment to all artists and zestful community events. MUSO Finance rewards holders with a 3% redistribution of tokens from every transaction.

MUSO Finance can be broken down into six individual projects:

  • MUSO-Fest; MUSO-Fest will be an annual music festival over a three day period. The festival will showcase unsigned and signed talent within the music industry. Ticket holders will also be able to book a slot at our crypto seminars which will run in conjunction to cater for all needs.

    Festival attendees will have the option to book standard camping or upgrade to one of our MUSO Pods. The MUSO pods are luxury tipi's with beds, desks, electricity and WIFI, so our traders can escape the festival atmosphere when needed to focus on their investments and trading.

    The festival will also see a selection of world food vendors rather than your average fast-food setup, sounds delicious!

  • Grass Roots Funding; MUSO Finance will introduce bi-annual grassroots funding for independent musicians; one percent of the development wallet will fund this.

    Having experienced these challenges ourselves, we at MUSO Finance want to empower talented artists by offering funding to help cover costs, which will enable them to achieve the industry standard on their projects.

  • Record Label; MUSO Records will be an independent record label offering fair deals to artists compared to that of the major labels.

  • Spotlight App; With social media being the forefront of conversations, what better way to bring likeminded music lovers together in a centralised app. Spotlight is a new and innovative app designed specifically to connect artists and fans via video, and or audio.

    The slick swipe design allows the user to discover, follow and interact with artists at ease.


    Profile - The spotlight profile allows artists and users a space to share all key information including upcoming events, attended events, followers, following and what the artist is currently working towards.

    Top 100 - The main feature of spotlight is the monthly top 100. This feature displays the top 100 trending artists, with an optional filter for specific genres of the user's choice. The trending feature is powered by user votes monthly. The greater the votes, the higher the artist will rank.

    Messaging - The integrated messaging facility allows users to connect directly with artists directly with artists via their profile.

    Events - Spotlight will allow users to locate events at the click of a button. The user’s just needs to input their location, select a genre (optional), set a radius and click search.

    Artist Tipping - The artist tipping function enables the user to tip artists using MUSO. This integrated technology is a great way for artists to connect with users regularly whilst working towards building an income to finance recording, marketing and touring allowing them ti meet the fans in person.

  • MUSO Video Podcast; MUSO Finance will introduce podcasts where the presenters are joined by guest artists and music industry experts or cryptocurrency experts. Each podcast will cover a specific area that the expert specialises in.

    Each 30 minute episode will include a discussion between the presenter and guests and a section where the expert will answer questions from the general public. The podcast will be played out by the artist.

  • MUSO Discover; As part of the MUSO YouTube channel, MUSO will be introducing a MUSO discover section where the trending artists on the app will be featured playing a live session streamed across the world.

    This platform will enable artists to reach a global audience giving them the exposure they deserve.

    MUSO discover will be determined by the top 100 feature on the spotlight app.

    They aim to make change in a world that's deemed unfair for artists hard earned time and creativity.