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MASTERMIND Price Live Data

Live AI Powered Trivia for the Web3 Universe Compete in daily live trivia games to win ETH prizes! Burn-to-Play Model: Owning $MM is required to play all games

The Mastermind Gameplay is completely custom built and here is how it works: BURN TO ENTER In order to be a participant in our games, players must burn a fixed amount of $MM tokens to claim a redemption ticket. This must happen prior to the Game Window opening. SYNCHRONIZED GAMEPLAY The Game Window is a specific time that the Trivia Questions start. Everyone plays at the same time to avoid cheats and you must have a ticket to play. TEST YOUR BRAINPOWER Each game can be a different theme (AI-powered) with a different prize. There are 10 questions and the highest score wins. You will know the theme before deciding if you want to enter that round.