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Our project It's Not Art is about bringing the world of art and NFTs to the metaverse and web3. We have created galleries for users to edit in our website-v2 with assets that they own that are verified from their wallets. The website with the galleries and functionality is not released yet but we are on track to launch that site in about a month.

On the upcoming website, only assets that users own will be able to be displayed in their art galleries. Currently, we have planned for one gallery to be free for all to use and other free ones coming in the future. Limited edition galleries and exclusive galleries to hodlers are also ready for launch. Once the galleries are edited by users they are stored on the website for others to explore and walk around in. The galleries are also compatible with virtual reality.

$NOTART servers as a way to not only fund the project but to give back to the community. Hodlers of $NOTART will have access to limited edition pods, airdrops, NFT drops, and much more planned for the future.