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Self-reported circulating supply
1,336,820 ORI
Total supply
7,328,153 ORI
Max. supply
7,500,000 ORI

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About HNK Orijent 1919

Introducing $ORI Fan Token, get rewards, vote on club decisions, buy merch and much more

4 years ago, we started building a decentralized ticketing solution, using the opportunities of web3 technologies, to secure and digitalize the rather old ticketing process. Disrupting a rather old and standard process was and is still complex, but we had several success stories over the last years.

First success was in the tourism industry, where decentralization of offers makes way to completely new business models and removes the monopoly of the big players. But way more success and drive we gained in football and sport events, until now we been working with large first league clubs from Germany. However, it’s a transition and digital distribution is process which needs to be approved by several levels.

As we are based in Rijeka we know for long time about the famous and old HNK Orijent 1919 football club, which in last years (through change of management) grow from a 4-league club to best (first place) club in the Croatian second league. The club’s management is eager to not just improve in the football, rather by further improve their business model also on a technical level, it will soon be the first club in Croatia with a fully automated 4D camera system.